the last time I was in a bridal party/master of honor I was unprepared and didn’t want to. If I were to be in a bridal party again or even be asked to be master of honor by someone I love, I would be happy and would be sure to do all the duties and make it great for the bride.

I just had a nightmare experience last time for many reasons, lol. For my actual best friends, I would feel BLESSED.

i hate when people say “SLAY” when no one is slaying anything.

Don’t see a bitchy tweet and say “slay!”

that is not slaying you fucking idiot. that is not in anyway a situation that someone is “slaying!”

straight people need to stop ruining things.

Miley Cyrus Spits At Crowd In Mexico Concert, Whips Fake Butt With The National Flag



How warped and ignorant can you be that you think doing this is okay?

lololol she’ll always be Hannah Montana 

but she’s just being miley

Miley (DEFINITION): wack ass piece of shit. but its easier to say she’s just bein’ miley. saves time.

noooooooooo hahahaha

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4amgirls said: Lol what's some characteristic traits of a fuck boy?! 💁



a fuck boy

  • complains about stretch marks or pubic hair 
  • his tumblr archive is a sea of racially ambiguous women and pictures of weed
  • expects u to suck him up for like 5 hours but eats u out for like 2 seconds
  • his twitter and instagram is full of transphobic and misogynistic shit
  • he does music and it’s garbage but he swears that he got bars
  • he texts u shit like ‘when u gone see me?’ or ‘send me a pic’
  • he got that fuck boy hair cut 

Lmfao what

but….everyone likes that hair.

ugh like…i’m gonna have to wear dress clothes and shit once I get a job. I’m used to dressing up for performances but this will be on a regular basis.

Why can’t I wear booty shorts and cutoff shirts and torn up chucks? Is my “This Guy Just Farted” tanktop “work appropriate”?

i need to go shopping.

it’ll be interesting fooling people into thinking i’m a different type of person on an everyday basis tho. I hope these h&m oxford shoes fool you.


this is how gay people communicate 

i can’t breathe

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I would disown my child.

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10 things our kids will never understand…

limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory



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Why am I laughing so hard


Why am I laughing so hard

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